Affiliation Programs

You  spend many hours a day playing or flirting with friends on the phone…… or you are looking for something new because you understand that the time if used well. You can make money doing what you like .

  • Reach more relevant audiences across the web’s ( Facebook – Line – what App- Twitter – Instagram …..) or your web site or blogs.
  • Increase awareness, leads and sales in our affiliate program
  • In your reserved area you can check how many people click or buy product and you can see your commission

Pay per click

Earn every time a link get clicked.

Pay per Sale

Earn a commission for every sale is made trough you.

Tools to drive traffic

We offer a variety of tools that you can use to promote our services


  • Banners or a textual links than you can publish in your website, blog, or any social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Istagram and many more. You can also send banners and links though your email account or by sending out newsletters.
  • Promo code. You will get a personalized promotional code that you can advertise anywhere you want either on digital medias (website, blogs, socials, email) or physical medias (visit card, fliers, brochures, posters, etc.)
  • QR Code. We create a personalized QR code with your affiliate ID. You can then print out your QR code anywhere is convenient for you. Could be on a flier, a brochure, a poster, a sign. Every time a person scan your QR code and get to the related webpage, our system will recognise your ID and you will get paid for every sale.

The Services You can promote

Accommodations and Flights

Book Travel Cheap

International Driving License

International Driver Licence

Electronic Appliance

Head Cover Phones

Home & Garden Equipments

Furnitues Home